How should you obtain overall health? Should you have to become mother earth?

Do you have to be Mother Earth to be Healthy?

This is a loaded question one that could be discussed and argued over and has been for more years than we can count.

Humans each decade/century have been living longer than the previous, some will say modern medicine (vaccinations etc. ), other more luxuries such as: more variety of foods, heat, air, cars, planes, things that make our life easier, or reasons other may think that are not written here.

When it truly comes down to our health do we really need to be mother earth, green goddess, Vegan Queen, grass sipping, vinegar drinking person or any other name you may come up with.

The answer to that is YES and NO!! UGH you might think: just give me an answer I can accept!

Let’s go with Yes for this blog and we will do No on the next one. (It will take more than 2 blogs to cover this topic)

YES- anyway you want to slice it the earth from day one has provided everything we need to survive, even if you take it back to the dinosaur days (we have seen the skeletons we all can believe they existed), thier were two types meat or vegetable eaters, so let’s move forward to the modern day animal we have either meat (lion) or vegetable (rabbit) eaters. YES? Now let’s do humans we have either meat or vegetable eaters, both can provide a healthy diet that will keep us disease free for all our lives.( The Vegans may disagree with me and the meat eaters will disagree with the Vegans but my articles do not take sides or use personal bias or personal choices.)

BUT- now you say what about GMO’s,antibiotics, pesticides, fertilizers or any of the things we know get put into our food.(another blog for that)

For this blog let’s just take away all processed food and deal strictly with plants and animals. Let’s start with plants, there are so many plants that we are capable of eating some we love(apples) some we would prefer never to eat(carrots)(all personal choices). In today’s modern society where things can be grown in many places using a multitude of climates, greenhouses, etc it’s fairly easy to get any type of plant based food all year round, but then the question comes into how they are grown, plucked and shipped. We have all heard that some plants are picked before they are ripe, then methane gas is applied during shipping to make the product ripe and in some cases this is true, in others let’s say bananas, they are picked green and will ripen themselves as they are shipped (no need to help them) BUT (lots of buts in this article) We can ship so fast and so far these days, most of our vegetables can be picked when ready and shipped within a day anywhere? So are nutrient lost? In some cases yes, but even 40% of a nutrient coming from a fresh apple is 100% better then the same nutrient coming from a process apple granola bar. Do you see where I am heading here?

Let’s go with meat now, whether you like it or not when an animal is butchered all parts of the animals are used (think hamburger, sausage). AND whether you agree or not animal meat is a huge source of protein.(So are many plant based foods ) Let’s face it; if you like meat you are not going to become a Vegan and that’s ok you can still obtain a very healthy lifestyle. Here are just the facts on meat, they will contain antibiotics, and animals need their shots so as not to get any diseases just like humans, any company that tells you otherwise are lying. Hormones are different; they do not need hormones those are only used to make them fatter.


Grass feed- well lets question what pesticides they put on the grass? And if you have ever visited a working farm the animals are fed hay, corn and other vegetables to help them grow so animals get a fairly healthy diet, for the most part it’s the hormones given while alive and the colors/fillers added when butchered that we need to be careful of. How do we avoid all this, we cannot, if you want to eat meat, unless you have your own cows, chickens and pigs, BUT you can try your best to get your meat from a butcher shop which tends to have a higher quality product then let’s say that big chain store that starts with the 23 letter of the alphabet. Try to only eat meat of any kind (I am including pork and chicken in this) 2-3 times a week.

As you can see just briefly from above, both have their pros and cons and I did not go deep into any of what is truly happening to our food. The moral of this short story is the one sentence I stated above

Let’s take away all the processed food, you have more than 90% chance of living a very healthy life if you give up on processed food of any kind. We are all busy, using that as an excuse not to eat properly is lame, whether you like it or not what you put into your mouth will impact almost 100% of your health and will impact your wealth, (it’s cheaper to eat at home).

If you have any cholesterol, blood pressure, eczema, onset diabetes at any age, but especially 30 and over CHANGE YOUR WAY OF EATING.

My mother, my hero- 81 years of age, still works full time, Always taught us to eat in moderation, to this day if I happen to want a cookie I only eat 2, that is all we were allowed to have a week growing up.

If you want change and are willing to go all out for 30 days! Email me at and I will show you the 30 days to a healthier you.


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